Professional transcription rates:

This is just a sample to show you our prices. We are very competitive and most of the time we can give you a better price than what is marked if you decide to translate more than one document at one one time. Some of the translations are calculated by the number of words, but the best is to e-mail us your documents. The price per page is sometime misleading because some documents have very complex text while other are composed of very few words.

 Minimum of $50 per order
(3-5 days)
Rate per minute
(2-3 days)
Rate per minute

Spanish Transcription

(a Spanish doc. or PDf file will be obtained)



Hebrew Transcription

(a Hebrew doc. or PDf file will be obtained)



Translation of transcription directly from the audio file into English text

Spanish audio directly translated into English text by skipping the Spanish text



Hebrew audio directly translated into English text by skipping the Hebrew text



Challenging audio charge per minute *



Translation rates per word for of a transcribed text


0.10 cent per word


0.14 cent per word

Additional Fees

Corrected Grammar / Clean or Edited Verbatim -emitting of all uhs, ums, and false starts and stutters.




These are basic rates, but we recommend you call for a quote 407-286-5978

All pricing above includes:

•Speaker identification

•FREE Uploads

•FREE 6 months storage

•Transcripts come in your choice of Word or PDF


*Challenging audio could have any of the following elements:


•Technical terminology that requires research (i.e. medical or scientific)
• Background noise
• Thick accents
• Overlapping Dialogue
• Low-speaking or poorly recorded audio

**Group Interviews, Seminars, Meetings, Conference calls and Focus Groups with more than 4 speakers.

•5-8 Speakers +$1.00/recorded minute

•9+ Speakers +1.50/recorded minute


^Turnaround times are for Spanish and Hebrew language only. Please contact us regarding other languages.

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